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hardware: Raspberry Pi, 10.1" display software: LXTerminal.
dim: 23 x 15 x 0.6 cm

AI Prison is part of a series of artworks that engages with ontological and philosophical issues surrounding the Artificial Intelligence (AI) field of research. In particular, it aims at bridging the gap between the wider audience's expectations and scienti c reality of AI. In that respect the AI Prison's theme pertains to the feasibility of intentionality by arti cial intelligent software.

Intentions are thought as a consequence of the ability of a system or organisms to independently self-organize and self-evolve memory paths (i.e. neural system). The aesthetics are generated by the result of a C++ program that test for evidence of intentionality.

So far it has, quite predictably, failed.

The artwork is now part of the permanent collection of the BLITZ Contemporary Art Gallery in Malta

This artwork is also discussed in the following journal article:

Torre, G. (2015) (print version to be published in 2016), `Expectations versus Reality of Arti cial Intelligence: using Art to Re ect on and Discuss some of the Ontological Issues.', Leonardo Art Journal - MIT.